Dear KLEED enthusiasts,

2023 is well underway and, according to the Chinese horoscope, a year of hope lies before us, for the Year of the Rabbit is a harbinger of longevity, peace, and prosperity.

And so, despite the political uncertainty around us, I am committed to our KLEED credo of providing joy and inspiration with beautiful luxury loungewear, whilst forging ahead on our path towards full sustainability - as always, one step at a time.

I am grateful for and embracing Life like never before - living and celebrating its wonder every minute, appreciating every second, with the drive and the energy to forge ahead.

Yes, we have all changed. Today, concern for the future of our earth, communities and cultures takes centre stage. At KLEED, it has always been our raison d’être, but there is a new urgency in our approach – time is short.

This year, we will be honing in on three areas that clearly impact the environment and the communities we work with. They have also resonated with you, our customers, which makes them all the more important to us.

● Celebrate local craftsmanship – with luxurious fabrics and richly worked embroidery. KLEED’s hallmark pure silk embroideries take centre stage: exultant, celebratory bursts of generous foliage and flowers, in a dazzling palette of colours. Whether on the cuff or the hem, around the neckline or spread across the back, they are truly this season’s showstoppers. Looking ahead to next winter, we’ll be bringing you our iconic plush velvet winter KLEED robes; and exotic silk pyjamas and kimonos.

● Recycle – we now produce KLEED handmade paper from our excess fabric strips and use it for our wash care labels. Our clothing labels are made from recycled plastic.

● Reduce – our new Bagru Kimono: its deep Indigo blue IKAT is made with natural, chemical free dyes, following centuries old traditions.

● Grow – grow organically and sustainably, in the cultures that inspire us, like the Far East with its sumptuous silks and velvets; in our range, with year-round fabrics and designs; and in our breadth with a wider choice of partners on the ground.

As a community and as a brand, we need to aim high, whilst keeping our feet on the ground. We are always far more than the sum of our parts.

Carolina Guedes Cruz

Founder & Managing director