Right. We admit it. We are aesthetic snobs. We simply cannot conceive of ugliness in anything we do. And that includes packaging. Actually, especially packaging. After all, it’s our customers´ first tangible connection with our brand – and with everything we stand for. KLEED is about glamourous, beautiful and casual resort wear.

At the same time, we are truly a sustainable brand – and by that, we mean that everything we do, and the way we do it, has to improve this planet of ours and the lives of the communities we work with. It goes from using bamboo coffee cups in our offices and cycling to work, to supporting rhino conservation charities in Africa, or helping women on their journey to entrepreneurship in India.

 But back to packaging – that sterile, cold word that we have managed to fuel with KLEED’s brand of excitement, warmth. Overall, we have banned plastic from our packaging by sourcing alternatives all over this world of ours - and we’re thrilled to share this journey with you.

Sustainable packaging is actually quite a challenge for any company and KLEED is no exception.

It means looking at the ingredients used and aiming for raw 100% recycled or raw materials. You also need to understand the production process in each case and try to minimize it, as well as its supply chain and carbon footprint. And lastly, we wanted to ensure Reusability, by creating a circular economy around the packaging, increasing its lifecycle and uses.

 Being KLEED, we needed to go even further – to show that sustainable packaging can be beautiful.

So, where are we today?

Our KLEED product tag labels are made in India from organic, GOTS certified cotton. And we tie them to our clothes with original Masaii string beads, to be worn as a unique bracelet - so you keep us close at hand.

Our KLEED articles are then lovingly wrapped and shipped in recycled and recyclable tissue paper from Australia and our whimsical designs are printed using ink made from soya. We believe first impressions count.

And we ship our KLEED clothing to you in incredibly stylish courier bags made from corn, by an innovative company in Poland. Really, we think we’ve bagged this one.

We also work with hotels, lodges and shops around the world, who distribute our clothing to their clients. Our stockists’ bags, as we call them, are made from vegetable starch and are thus totally biodegradable and compostable. Honest greens, indeed.

All this has taken time and huge effort, but we are proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Our goal of 100% sustainability means looking at and improving how we and our partners operate, in every area of our business – inside and out.