Come join us backstage and meet KLEED’s world. A real world with real people. Share the highs and lows of exactly what it takes to produce our KLEED kimonos and loungewear. You’ll find you end up caring just as much as we do - which is just as it should be.
Production is often a rocky road –carefully planned photoshoots that overstay their welcome; bales of fabrics unaccountably delayed; embroidery yarns that turn up in the wrong colours; nightmarish bureaucracies, delivery sheets or incomprehensible tax forms...We are nothing if not persistent. And because we are passionate about KLEED, it’s all worth it.
At the end of the day, it’s all down to people. We work with incredibly talented artisans, designers, and businesspeople all over the world. Together, we take our dreams, visions and designs and make them into actual KLEED items for you to wear – hopefully.
From the weavers of our IKAT fabrics, to the dyers of our RAW line, who use only natural dyes and no chemicals. From the printers of our block print pattes, to the painstaking embroiderers of our iconic animal heads, on each KLEED kimono.
And these people, just like all of us, have lives to lead. Sometimes, hard ones that we honestly try to improve and lighten. We are truly proud of them - we pay them fair wages and there is no child labour involved in our product's manufacturing. We offer them benefits that we too often take for granted. Over the years, our respect for their talent and craftsmanship has grown ever greater. And so we help them to develop their skills and empower themselves in their communities, whilst always respecting their culture and way of life.
We care about the people we work with and we care about our clients. Together, we are all part of this planet and we all have a role to play –we need to ensure that KLEED produces sustainably; our clients and guests know that when they buy KLEED they are doing their part.