Dhara Red Kaftan

  • €120.00

We’re thrilled to announce our latest venture: The Green Label. It’s all about embracing a circular economy in luxury fashion. We upcycle with a KLEED difference – using excess materials from every collection, our talented designers have come up with even more striking and original designs – at an affordable price point. Each article is truly unique, simply because it is designed and produced from existing stock.

The Green Label SS24 collection presents a captivating array of upcycled pieces – celebrating the urge for a new life, but also a whole new lifestyle. For a deeply committed generation that have made it happen. So join us on The Green Label journey to a better world. Because the moment is now.

Our pure cotton, hand block printed Kaftans have found a new life, using excess fabrics, in The Green Label collection. The Dhara Red is a riot of luscious pink and red flowers, which our talented designers have made from two contrasting prints, with a pink or dark red background. Our trademark rich embroidery in pure white silk embellishes the kaftan’s side panels with a garland of climbing flowers


Sizing and Measurements:

Shoulders - 44.5cm | Bust - 67 cm
Sleeves - 29cm | Length - 1.29cm | Split - 39cm

Shoulders - 46.5cm | Bust - 68.5cm
Sleeves - 29cm | Length - 1.34cm | Split - 43.5cm

Shoulders - 46.5cm | Bust - 68.5cm
Sleeves - 30cm | Length - 1.44cm | Split - 56cm


Created from excess fabrics as part of the The Green Label Collection. Welcome to a better world in luxury fashion.