• €340.00

Jaisal White is the perfect after sun. It's deep indigo blue geometric pattern on a soothing white background, calls for a siesta, shaded from the hot summer sun by slatted wooden blinds. The pale pink clusters of leaves embroidered in pure silk on the cuffs and around the back add that touch of boudoir femininity, without which no Kleed wardrobe is complete.

The double IKAT Kimonos are a staple in KLEED’s collections. Handcrafted using age-old techniques, the 100% cotton yarns are resist-dyed, twirled and skillfully hand-loomed to create a shaded-pattern effect.
In two different sizes and lengths, with a double-breasted kimono collar and detachable, flattering wide belt.

Length: 132cm | Sleeve length: 33cm
Under arm: 59cm | Bust: 59cm

Length: 142cm | Sleeve length: 44cm
Under arm: 60 | Bust: 60cm