• €280.00

Dear KLEED Customer

As you know, India is living through extremely challenging times, due to Covid19. KLEED has strong manufacturing ties in India, and we are naturally experiencing some delay in deliveries. Please bear with us, as we stand by our Indian business partners and friends. We will update your as often as we can, with your estimated delivery times.


Our Raw Line is made from 100% cotton and hand-loomed exclusively for KLEED, using century-old techniques.  It is totally free from chemicals and is therefore 100% biodegradable - you can literally bury the kimono in the ground and it will vanish in a few months' time, leaving no carbon footprint behind.


  • This is a Biodegradable Kimono 

  • 100% hand-loomed cotton Khaki Green color 
  • Natural dyed, free of chemicals
  • White Tiger head embroidered at the back
  • Hand wash (cold water) or dry clean (preferably)
  • Belt (9 cm x 2,20 m)




Length: 1,32 m 
Sleeve: 33 cm


Length: 1,42 m
Sleeve: 40 cm