Bagru Kimono

  • €350.00
The Bagru Kimono by KLEED is a testament to sustainability, breaking new ground in eco-friendly fashion. Named after the heartland of natural dyeing near Jaipur, this kimono features a beautifully deep Indigo blue color achieved through natural, chemical-free dyes following centuries-old traditions.

The Bagru Kimono not only embraces cultural traditions but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, making it a chic and conscious choice for your wardrobe.

- 100% cotton
- 100% silk embroidery
- Relaxed fit
- Length finishes at calf
- ¾ length sleeves
- Wide detachable tie belt (0.90m x 2.20m)
- Unlined
- Hand wash in cold water or dry clean

Sizing and measurements:

Length: 132cm | Sleeve length: 33cm
Underarm: 59cm | Bust: 59cm

Length: 142cm | Sleeve length: 44cm
Underarm: 60cm | Bust: 60cm

Please note that our pieces are a celebration of individuality, and as such, color and pattern may slightly vary, making each KLEED item unique.