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Dear KLEED Customer

As you know, India is living through extremely challenging times, due to Covid19. KLEED has strong manufacturing ties in India, and we are naturally experiencing some delay in deliveries. Please bear with us, as we stand by our Indian business partners and friends. We will update your as often as we can, with your estimated delivery times.


With the Bengal Tiger Line KLEED offers inspiring and ecological full-length viscose robes made out of very fine wood pulp viscose with dazzling geometric tiger designs by Kingdom Home.

  • Luxury geometric tiger printed wood pulp viscose full-length rob
  • Screen printed with a print designed by Kingdom Home
    • Belt (8cm width)
    • Sleeves with elastic band on the wrist
    • Dark green piping around the collar
    • 100% Viscose (made with 70% wood pulp and 30% cotton) 
    • Matching Bengal Tiger Pyjama