Khatoo White Pyjama

  • €389.00

Our button-down Khatoo Blue pyjamas, in pure Ikat handloomed cotton, are simply stunning– with the black and white, taking you from day to eveningwear. The outsize diamond pattern, in black and cream, is embellished with black pure silk embroideries on the back. A short-sleeved, button-down pyjama top and loose fitting, ankle-skimming bottoms. Blissfully comfortable. Note the useful side pockets to hold any loose bits and pieces.

Sizing and measurements:

Length: 56cm | Armpit: 54cm
Shoulders: 40cm | Sleeve lenght: 19.5cm
Sleeve width: 23cm

Waist: 32cm | Front rise: 32cm
Hips: 48cm | Leg lenght: 86cm
Leg width: 31.5cm

Length: 60cm | Armpit: 54cm
Shoulders: 41cm | Sleeve lenght: 20cm
Sleeve width: 23.5cm

Waist: 34cm | Front rise: 33cm
Hips: 50cm | Leg lenght: 88cm
Leg width: 32cm