Poppy Mix Kimono

  • €350.00
The Poppy Mix Kimono features smooth red poppies scattered on a cream background, symbolizing sleep, sweet dreams, and new beginnings. The delicate seagrass green silk embroidery on the back adds an irresistible touch of elegance to the ensemble. KLEED reinterprets the renowned Indian fabric printing technique with a block print kimono, showcasing traditional flower patterns in feminine and delicate prints.

- 100% cotton
- 100% silk embroidery
- Relaxed fit
- Length finishes at calf
- ¾ length sleeves
- Wide detachable tie belt (0.90m x 2.20m)
- Unlined
- Hand wash in cold water or dry clean

Sizing and measurements:

Length: 132cm | Sleeve length: 33cm
Underarm: 59cm | Bust: 59cm

Length: 142cm | Sleeve length: 44cm
Underarm: 60cm | Bust: 60cm

Please note that our pieces are a celebration of individuality, and as such, color and pattern may slightly vary, making each KLEED item unique.
The Poppy Mix Kimono is not just a garment; it's a symbol of new beginnings and elegance. With its poppy pattern and silk embroidery, it brings a touch of sophistication to traditional fabric printing techniques, creating a unique and versatile piece for various occasions.