This Summer 21 collection shoot literally erupted into our lives. We had planned meticulously for a more restrained location and shoot. Instead, a last-minute opportunity presented itself and we decided to grab it. Literally. A week-long frenzy of travel arrangements, talent scouting, location logistics ensued until we found ourselves, travel worn and stained, just this side of Paradise. Lamu Island. Bliss. Peace. Harmony. Reborn. 

Our Summer 21 collection brings us full circle – back to Africa, to the most elemental part of KLEED. Our birthplace, our source of inspiration. This part of Africa is where we are totally and utterly ourselves – stripped of the trappings of urban civilization, of the “sound and the fury”, the pollution, the daily grind and stress.
The startlingly bright blues and warm reds of the Masai beads inspire us. The blindingly white of the houses in Lamu revive us. Our Ikat kimonos are the perfect foil to this magical backdrop. The loose-flowing, patterned Dresses pay homage to the simpler, more meaningful way of life we discovered.
We needed a make up artist, and in Lamu stumbled across an incredibly talented one, specialized in weddings, of which there are precious few in these Covid19 times. She joined the team and embarked on this journey with Kleed. A South African photographer and an Australian filmmaker completed our ensemble. It was Kleed’s world all over again – eclectic, global and authentic.

And our two lovely models – Akidor and Sophia– were the perfect choice for this exciting, eclectic collection. They engaged, they improvised, they enchanted us and they throve. And the magic was there, as it always was.

As an omen to our adventure, we happened upon Aman, an enchanting boutique in Lamu, which resonated with us in every way. On entering the shop, we discovered it was one of our Kleed stockists and met owner Sandy Bornman, who simply fell in love with Lamu 20 years ago, and has lived there ever since.
Our location renewed and revived us in every way: its elemental richness and meaning gave us hope and energy to face our world. We shall all overcome these days. And together, we shall make this world a better place.
We’ve made a selection of some behind-the-scenes photos to share these magical moments with you.