Wildlife Conservation


Wildlife Conservation

Carolina Guedes Cruz, founder of KLEED, has spent a lot of her time in Africa where she joined several wildlife conservation projects over the last 20 years, growing a love and affinity for the culture, wildlife and communities. Her love for rhinos commenced when she worked for wildlife conservation projects during her travels. Which is why KLEED has decided to support “Saving the Survivors”, a non profit organisation that cares for rhinos, elephants, lions and other african wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

Due to the escalation in poaching, the number of rhino victims is rapidly increasing. Very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves due to persistent poaching and habitat loss over many decades. Three species of rhino - Black, Javan, and Sumatran - are critically endangered.

Why do rhinos matter? Because they have been around for millions of years and play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They're important grazers because they consume large amounts of vegetation which helps shape the African landscape. This also benefits other animals and keeps a healthy balance within the ecosystem. Without rhinos helping to sustain plant biodiversity and grazing lawns, the African savannas will become less hospitable to other herbivore species.

Behind the veil of aesthetics and beauty, the fashion industry is built on a long history of animal abuse, pollution and exploitation of the poor. We don’t want to be negative but the fact is - unsustainable fashion is destroying our ecosystem and devastating natural habitats. Be it for humans or animals. Beautiful fashion does not need to equate to the destruction or harm of natural habitats. We are perfectly capable of producing fashion which is respectful of the environment and its inhabitants.

Visit saving the survivors and support in any way you can. Every little helps to keep our wildlife friends safe and protected.