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The fact is that, back in 2016, KLEED was born to be sustainable. Really. We all know that true sustainability – environmental, social and economic - is a journey in itself and ours started when KLEED was born.


The fashion industry is famously pollutant in chemicals and processes. It consumes huge amounts of water. Many high-profile brands have been mired in scandals regarding their partners or workforces’ living and working conditions.


KLEED is proud to do things differently: we design beautiful, sophisticated loungewear with a conscience. A conscience that makes us take responsibility for whom we choose to partner with, in every country; which stunning fabrics and dyes we use to manufacture our beautiful clothes; how we engage with and treat our talented workforce and suppliers; what innovative packaging and delivery services use to distribute to our clients.


We passionately believe that in fashion, as in many other sectors, small is beautiful. We are humbled by the talented artisans we work with and their achingly beautiful, hand-crafted creations. Ultimately, we want KLEED to be a force for good in their lives.


This conscience defines what we do and how we do it. We have chartered a course and we move forward step by step, as best we can. Easily? Far from it. We are a fast-growing, but small company – it has taken us years to transform almost every aspect of our business so that one day, we can be 100% sustainable.


There is no time to lose, and we believe that every one of us is called upon to make a difference. This is how we play our part:


We are passionate believers in wildlife conservation, and support Saving the Survivors, an African NGO working to protect endangered species by donating 5% of our profits. We make sure we highlight these animals’ plight by embroidering them on every kimono we create.


We only use natural products and fibres: silk, cotton, linen and viscose. We are working towards using non-chemical dyes, to produce our exclusive prints and increase our use of organic cotton in each collection.


We are actively reducing our carbon footprint, investing as much as possible, in biodegradable products and materials and in chemical-free dyes – a huge difference for the environment. We have embraced upcycling of our kimonos, and non-plastic wrapping and packaging.


We truly care for our communities and partner with like-minded local artisans, designers, conservationists and businesses, to honour and preserve their cultural heritage. KLEED wants to make a meaningful contribution to their economies and lives and pays them fair wages with no child labour involved in our products’ manufacturing.


When clients choose to buy KLEED luxury loungewear, they are consciously opting to buy sustainably. They, too, want to be part of something infinitely bigger than themselves. They, too, are KLEED.


Thank you.