Our Community

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Our Community

True sustainability is about looking at the whole ecosystem. We are all living in unison, and a happy collective includes prosperous communities as much as a thriving natural habitat. A lot of communities around the world are losing their cultural and historical heritage for making clothes, as more western and industrial techniques are taking over. We therefore strive to raise awareness around local issues so we can improve the social and living conditions of the communities with whom we operate.

Weaving keeps the heritage of communities alive. Our iconic Ikats are all handwoven by our skilled artisans, using ancestral weaving techniques. The handlooms are often handed down over generations and ensure that the unique cultural heritage of communities is kept alive. We partner with like-minded local artisans, conservationists and businesses, to make a meaningful contribution to the economies and lives of the people we work with.

Our commitment is to empower all the artisans we work with. They are part of our KLEED family. Without them, KLEED wouldn’t exist. We therefore want their living and working conditions to be comfortable and fair. We want all people involved in our business to be happy and to positively contribute to a thriving Planet. This also applies to our clients. We want them to feel good about buying conscious and eco-friendly garments, and for them to know that they are contributing to a different way of doing fashion. One that cares for People, Planet and Wildlife.

Our KLEED ethos is simple: we partner with suppliers who each do their part to create a sustainable future, we pay fair wages to our artisans and we ban any child labour in the manufacturing of our products. Fashion should never be at the cost of human or animal welfare or cause harm to the Planet.

Meet some of our KLEED family members: