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We design and produce elegant, luxurious and versatile year-round lounge and resort wear.

We firmly believe that fashion and style can go hand in hand with fair trade and wildlife conservation. As a sustainable brand, we like to think that our products last and are lovingly used and reused. Check our website for information on how we upcycle KLEED items.

Because we care for our planet. We have created a business ecosystem that is respectful of our artisans, by paying them fair wages, with no child labour involved in our products’ manufacturing.

Because we care for our communities. Our items are made of organic cotton, block print cotton and viscose, a material made from wood pulp. Every single item needs love and care. The better you care for your KLEED clothes, the longer they will last.



All our pieces are made using age-old techniques, handed over to the next generation by gifted artisans and craftsmen, be it weaving, dyeing or block printing. Each item is truly unique so it needs to handled with love and care.

1. If your KLEED is IKAT, it is made using an ancient weaving technique, originally from Uzbekistan, where the fabric is woven in century-old handlooms. There may be some slight change to the fabric when washing so we recommend washing it gently by hand in cold water or dry cleaning.

2. If your KLEED is blockprint, it is made using a traditional dyeing technique, and thus may bleed the first times upon washing. We recommend washing gently by hand, separately and in cold water.

3. If your KLEED is from our 100% biodegradable Raw Line, these articles are naturally dyed, and the inks are made from plants, seeds or flowers. As the colour fixers have no chemicals, they need special attention. They will usually bleed the first times upon washing. We recommend washing gently by hand, separately and in cold water

4. If your KLEED is Viscose: it is a delicate material. We strongly recommend that you dry clean or hand wash your KLEED garment. If hand washing it, we suggest you turn your garment inside out and use gentle laundry detergents, suitable for delicate fabrics.

Treat your sustainable KLEED loungewear with love and care - and you will help take care of our Planet.

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Thank You