Cleaning & Care

KLEED items are almost all handmade: woven, dyed and stitched.

They are delicate items and we recommend you wash them by hand, as machine-washing can make them shrink or lose colour. 

Your KLEED kimono, kaftan, dress or Pyjama are best dry cleaned, although if necessary you can hand wash them: just add delicate fabric detergent to cold water and soak them for ten minutes.

Our hand block-printed Kimonos use a centuries-old Indian dyeing technique, and they will "bleed" colour each time you wash them. Wash them in cold water, then squeeze the excess water, but do not rub or wring. Hang in the shade to dry and steam gently.

The Ikat line (Kimonos, Dresses and Kaftans) are hand woven and hand dyed, and we strongly recommend they be dry-cleaned. If necessary, hand wash in cold water.

Our Atelier Line (viscose and silk) is best dry cleaned and handled with care.


Treat your sustainable KLEED loungewear with love and care - and you will help take care of our Planet. 

Thank you