The Indian Artist behind Jaipur's stunning Palladio Bar Murals and KLEED's Bagh Line


Vikas Soni has become a byword in contemporary murals, where Indian and Western art influences meet with breathtaking success.
A self-styled artist from the age of ten, he comes from a family of artistes who inspired him on his journey: his grandfather was a goldsmith of meenakari jewellery and his father was a miniature painter, who created award-winning works of art, using leather and paper.

However, it was his collaboration with Dutch-born fashion designer turned interior decorator Marie-Anne Oudejans, that launched him into fame, with the stunning Palladio Bar murals, in the romantic Hotel Narain Niwas Palace in Jaipur. Another client of Soni’s was so pleased with his work that he christened him the Vicasso of India, an allusion to Picasso that never fails to please him.

KLEED founder Carolina Guedes Cruz met Vikas Soni in Jaipur one evening and the instant rapport led to a collaboration with KLEED’s Indian Journey collection. Vikas Soni designed the Bagh Line, a limited edition of The Wild Collection kimonos, on exquisite hand-painted silks. The photoshoot took place against the riot of colours and elegant vistas of the Palladio Bar murals.

Through Soni’s inspired brushwork of jungle fever and luscious greens and golds, the majestic prowling Bengal tiger comes to life – as does its plight as a victim of violent poaching, which KLEED seeks to highlight.

It is by forging unique partnerships such as these, that KLEED continues to blaze a trail in true sustainability: working with like-minded artists, designers, conservationists and businesses, to make a meaningful contribution to their economies and lives.