We are all about sustainability

KLEED is about beautiful, sophisticated loungewear – but with a conscience. With KLEED, you are making a conscious choice to buy responsibly and sustainably. Because, just like us, you know that the planet is our responsibility and no one else’s.

Our teams and partners

It’s not enough to believe in something yourself - your teams and partners have to as well. We partner with like-minded local artisans, designers, conservationists and businesses, to make a real difference in their communities.
We are proud of our partners: we learn from each other; we pay them fair wages and there is no child labour involved in our products’ manufacturing. Our KLEED pieces are handcrafted and produced by empowered artisans in India – every time you buy one, you are directly improving in their lives.
Let’s turn the spotlight on our dyers, weavers and embroiderers. Whether in Central or in Northern India, we do things the KLEED Way. Up close and personal - our partners are our friends, part of an extended family.

All we do and dye to get those beautiful colours

In Central India, our dyers use mainly natural dyes – which means not only that we’re more sustainable, but also that the colours they create are simply stunning and unique: deep indigo blue, sunny warm ochre and seductive red. Unique colours and stunning shades, that are only possible with these natural dyes/ancient Indian technics.

And we bet you didn’t know that IKAT strands are dyed in bunches, using resist elastics made from rubber tyres, to get those lovely constrasting colours.


Love them and weave them

Our iconic Ikats are all hand-woven in India by skilled artisans, using ancestral weaving techniques. Exacting, experienced artisans, who handloom our KLEED articles with an expertise born of generations of weavers, handing down the techniques through generations – and with pure love of the loom. Did you know it can take up to a month to weave 300 metres of our beautiful fabric? We think it’s worth the wait.

A stitch and weave them

Although we say it ourselves, our hallmark KLEED embroideries are works of art. That is because we work with talented embroiderers in India, who finalize our KLEED articles with their beautiful stitching and embroidery.