Agatti White Maxi Dress

  • €425.00

The Agatti White Maxi Dress redefines elegance, in creamy ivory linens. Crafted from the finest linen, its off the shoulder design is as striking as it is flattering. The gathered sleeve is embellished with outsize suzani-inspired embroidery in contrasting scarlet silk.
This deceptively simple, column-dress boasts a mid-thigh side-slit for effortless grace and easy movement. Wear it casually by day, and parade it proudly at night – because timeless classics are perfect for any occasion.

Sizing and Measurements:

Full Length: 145cm | Length without sleeve: 120cm | Sleeve length: 45cm 
Cuff (diameter): 20cm | Chest: 44cm | Neck Round: 44cm 
Slit: 37cm | Bottom width: 50.5cm

Full Length: 145.5cm | Length without sleeve: 120cm | Sleeve length: 47cm 
Cuff (diameter): 20cm | Chest: 47cm | Neck Round: 45cm 
Slit: 37cm | Bottom width: 52cm

Full Length: 146cm | Length without sleeve: 120cm | Sleeve length: 48cm 
Cuff (diameter): 22cm | Chest: 49.5cm | Neck Round: 47cm 
Slit: 37cm | Bottom width: 57cm