Jain Blue Kimono

  • €340.00

Jain Blue Kimono features a larger-than-life intense indigo-blue and white zig-zagging pattern, with contrasting outsize flame-red leafage embroideries in pure silk, all around the hem.
The double IKAT Kimonos are a staple in KLEED’s collections. Handcrafted using age-old techniques, the 100% cotton yarns are resist-dyed, twirled, and skillfully hand-loomed to create a shaded-pattern effect.
In two different sizes and lengths, with a double-breasted kimono collar and detachable, flattering wide belt.

Length: 132cm Sleeve length: 33cm
Underarm: 59cm Bust: 59cm

Length: 142cm Sleeve length: 44cm
Underarm: 60cm Bust: 60cm

Please note that our pieces are a celebration of individuality, and as such, color and pattern may slightly vary, making each KLEED item unique.