Dhara Red Kaftan

  • €120.00
Welcome to the Green Label. We are thrilled to announce our latest initiative: The Green Label collection marks our initial venture into upcycling. Repurposing excess materials from every collection, our talented designers have conceived striking and original designs. This collection offers a captivating array of upcycled pieces, promoting sustainability while embracing youthfulness and affordability. Each Green Label collection will be unique, constantly evolving and changing, simply because each article is designed and produced from existing stock – which our socially conscious KLEED clients deeply appreciate. We strive to empower our customers to feel proud of choosing a more environmentally friendly collection.
Thank you for joining us on this greener journey.

Our pure cotton, hand block printed Kaftans take on a new twist. The Dhara Red is a riot of luscious pink and red flowers, on two contrasting prints, with a dark red background. Our trademark rich embroidery in pure white silk embellishes the kaftan’s side panels with a garland of climbing flowers.

Sizing and Measurements:

Shoulders - 44.5cm | Bust - 67 cm
Sleeves - 29cm | Length - 1.29cm | Split - 39cm

Shoulders - 46.5cm | Bust - 68.5cm
Sleeves - 29cm | Length - 1.34cm | Split - 43.5cm

Shoulders - 46.5cm | Bust - 68.5cm
Sleeves - 30cm | Length - 1.44cm | Split - 56cm