Born to be Wild Collection



All the pieces of the Born to be Wild collection reproduce patterns and prints of eclectic inspiration, sewn with the best lines of design and comfort. More than a premium brand of loungewear pieces, the collection is intended to be a line of awareness for the threat of wildlife.The lightness of the fabrics, the harmony of the shapes and the illustrations, make each piece translate a frame of mind. Raising the use of a simple piece to an indelible experience of comfort and harmony. The boldness with which the collection was thought, translates into the same spirit with which Carolina daily embraces the cause, the symbiosis no less subtle, between the Fashion and the Wildlife.

Campaign Photography António Medeiros and Creative Direction Carolina Guedes Cruz.


Kleed Kimonos Born to be Wild Collection

 Kleed Kimonos Born to be Wild Kimono Collection

 Kleed Kimonos and Pyjamas Born to be Wild Collection