The Voice of the Wild Collection


This season, KLEED has branched out into robes, and introduces them in a stunning limited edition collection. Painstakingly hand-woven in traditional looms in Kabul, the part silk, part cotton fabric’s narrow width is determined by the loom itself.  


KLEED’s signature silky kimono has evolved into a more vocal reflection of the brand’s wildlife protection ethos: the royal purple or the rich ochre yellow numbers boast Wildlife Supporter in pillar box red letters on the back. The kimonos are also available in gift sets, with matching red-piped pyjamas. The back-by-popular-demand Continuum Collection sees the black and grey printed kimonos reigning supreme. Another novelty this season is the midnight blue and white “take me anywhere, take me everywhere” kimono, with KLEED’s sophisticated customer in mind, looking for versatile luxury lounge and beach wear in her relaxed yet urban lifestyle.


Wildlife is all pervasive in the new leopard inspired lozenges prints, transformed into swish pyjamas – the perfect loungewear that can be layered and dressed up with velvet or silk, the rich walnut hues and black contrast piping - a testament to the enduring appeal of the classics. Also new this season, the androgynous cotton nightshirts, with their irreverent cartoon faces in bold blues and reds; or the endearing citrus yellow camel prints.




Campaign Photography RBranches Photo and Creative Direction Carolina Guedes Cruz.