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KLEED resort wear presents its stunning SS19 collection with its customary flair, this time inspired by the vast Indian continent, where vivid colors and luscious silks come to life through the hands of talented local artists and community partnerships.


True to today’s global yet socially conscious economy, fashion is embracing partnerships with untapped local talent, as a way of contributing to, and actively developing local economies.


Under its umbrella concept Collaboration for Conservation, KLEED continues to blaze a trail in true sustainability: partnering with like-minded artists, designers, conservationists and businesses, to make an enduring, utterly meaningful contribution to their economies and lives.


KLEED’s  SS19 collection presents the Bagh Line, where Indian artist Vikas Soni, whose iconic Bar Palladio’s murals have brought him widespread accolade, introduces exquisite hand-painted silks, in the limited edition of The Wild Collection kimonos. In his inspired brushwork, the majestic Bengal tiger comes to life – as does its plight as a victim of violent poaching, which KLEED, true to its conservation ethos, seeks to highlight. 

An Indian Journey pays homage to the ancestral wooden block print techniques, to offer a dazzling take on KLEED’s trademark kimonos, such as the Black Peacock kimono, featuring the mythical peacock feathers.  Colour-block kimonos also make their début, with contrasting cuff sleeves, livened by KLEED’s irresistible wild animal embroideries, ranging from snakes to tigers. 

This summer, KLEED has also embarked on a home-design inspired partnership with Australian-born brand “Wild Kingdom”, resulting in one-of-a-kind pyjamas and kimonos, where the intense jungle green hues are offset by dusky ochres, both hearkening back to the undulating African plains.

With its renowned Khaki line, KLEED draws further upon its African roots, delighting in its Savannah creams and greens, embellished by vivid flame-coloured, contrasting animal embroidery. 

As KLEED’s founder, Carolina Guedes Cruz sums up in her simple credo, “We’re here to make a difference in other peoples´ lives. It has to be about more than profit. KLEED is the way I have found to translate this belief into meaningful change. 

As a brand, KLEED is on a path to full sustainability – one step at a time. In our SS19 collection, for instance, we have introduced an Azo-free capsule collection, with eco-friendly dyes. We are also launching our recycled paper KLEED bags and labels, as well as a collector’s edition of KLEED 100% certified organic cotton bags, again printed with eco-friendly dyes, featuring a series of endangered animals, in order to keep conservation issues at the top of everyone’s agendas, throughout the world.


The reality is, in every collection, I seek inspiration from my animal conservation-fuelled journeys.  Along the way, I meet incredibly talented artists and craftsmen, and, through KLEED, I can make a difference in their lives and in those of the animals we seek to protect”.


 KLEED collections are available online at, in various stockists in several countries worldwide and now in selected lodges as well as in  safari luxury lodges throughout Africa. 


Editor’s Notes


KLEED’s founder, Carolina Guedes Cruz, has two ruling passions in her life: Fashion & Wildlife. KLEED comes from the Afrikaans for “robe” and KLEED’s kimonos kaftans and pyjamas are like no other: they are swish yet casual; painstakingly handcrafted, and their African ethos is all-pervading, from their names which evoke African animals, countries, tribes or places; to the intense wildlife prints and the entrancing African wild animal embroidered on almost every piece. As a brand advocate for conservation in Africa, KLEED donates from every collection to Save the Rhino, an ONG, dedicated to fighting the endemic poaching of one of Africa’s Big Five endangered animals - the White Rhino.


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