KLEED is a young brand, with a stellar ambition - to become 100% sustainable. True sustainability – environmental, social and economical - is a journey in itself. We’re on our way.

Environmentally – our planet is our responsibility. Right now and in all that we do.

- Using only natural products and fibres: silk, cotton, linen and viscose.
- An azo-free capsule collection, with eco-friendly dyes.
- Our KLEED bags and labels are made from recycled paper.
- A collector´s edition of KLEED 100% certified organic cotton bags, printed with eco-friendly dyes, featuring a series of endangered animals to raise awareness of their plight. 

    Socially – improving social conditions in the communities with which we work

    - We partner with like-minded local artisans, designers, conservationists and businesses, to make a meaningful contribution to their economies and lives
    - Our KLEED pieces are handcrafted and produced by empowered women artisans in India.
    - We pay fair wages and there is no child labour involved in our products’ manufacturing.
    - We believe we can raise awareness of key sustainability issues - KLEED partners with accredited NGO, Saving the Survivors, donating 5% of the brand’s profits (

      Economically – KLEED already impacts the lives of many families. We need to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive business world.

      -We grow our brand and our reach responsibly - one step at a time
      -In each collection, we invest more in sustainable products and techniques
      -We donate 5% of our profits to a recognized NGO that protects rhinos in South Africa.
      -We look for equally committed partners and suppliers, who share our beliefs and vision for the future.

        KLEED’s positioning and ethos are now recognized in the fashion industry and we were invited to feature as one of the key Sustainable brands in the coveted Paris Fashion Week, in October 2018.