True Sustainability

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True Sustainability

A stellar ambition


Our mission

The Planet is our responsibility – and no one else’s.



True sustainability – environmental, social and economic - is a journey in itself and ours started when KLEED was born. Our goal has always been to be 100% sustainable, respecting the environment and the communities we work with. We’re well on our way - and in so many different areas.


KLEED means beautiful, sophisticated loungewear – with a conscience. You know that with KLEED you are making a conscious choice to buy responsibly and sustainably. Because, just like us, you know that the Planet is our responsibility – and no one else’s.


At KLEED, we both love and respect Planet Earth and its resources - we do not want to pollute it. Our objective is is to only source organic materials and to manufacture totally chemical-free, with the lowest possible carbon footprint.


It has been a permanent learning curve for all our teams – creators, designers and teams on the ground.


Discover how we weave sustainability into our entire value chain, to become an eco-friendly brand – even in the smallest details.


Join us on this exciting journey.







We only use natural products and fibres


We only use natural products and fibres: silk, cotton, preferably organic and viscose. Viscose is a natural material, made from wood pulp and we are working towards using non chemical dyes, to produce our exclusive prints. We are committed to increasing our use of organic cotton in each collection.


By working with biodegradable products and materials that dissolve in earth, air or water, we reduce our carbon footprint and leave less pollution in our wake. We are certifying our materials with Oeko Tex, a prestigious certification programme that showcases materials that do not use chemical dyes, and promotes the use of certified cotton.


Some of our suppliers we work collaborate with the United Nations Sustainable Fashion programme.





Dyeing process

Chemical free dyes a huge difference for the environment.


Many of our materials are dyed using chemical free dyes a huge difference for the environment, when we are considering biodegradability. Plus, natural fibres biodegrade far more quickly than man-made fibres. Our azo-free RAW capsule collection is our very first 100% biodegradable line, made using eco-friendly dyes; and our collector’s edition of KLEED 100% cotton bags, is printed with eco-friendly dyes matching the kimono that comes inside of it.






Hand-woven in India by our skilled artisans.


Our iconic Ikats are all hand-woven in India by our skilled artisans, using ancestral weaving techniques. The handlooms, often handed down over several generations, ensure that their communities’ unique cultural heritage is kept alive, for future generations to enjoy. The irregularities in the fabric attest to their hand loomed nature, their very uniqueness.


We truly believe that in today’s world, any sophisticated fashion brand must go hand in hand with respect for the Planet. Our carefully designed, elegant pieces enrich our daily lives simply because they are beautiful – while their sense of purpose brings a very special peace of mind - born from conscious buying.





Overall, we have banned plastic from our packaging.




Our KLEED product tag labels are made in India from organic, GOTS certified cotton or from biodegradable cardboard. And we tie them to our clothes with original Masaii string beads, to be worn as a unique bracelet.



Our Atelier Collection articles are lovingly wrapped and shipped in non-pollutant acid-free tissue paper from Australia and our whimsical Victorian inspired designs are printed using ink made from soya.



And we ship our KLEED clothing to you in incredibly stylish courier bags made from corn, by an innovative company in Poland.



We also work with hotels, lodges and shops around the world, who distribute our clothing to their clients. Our stockists’ bags, as we call them, are made from vegetable starch and are thus totally biodegradable and compostable – they can safely end up in a river or in a field.  





Send us your old kimonos for recycling and you will be rewarded.




Our Upcycling Project will recycle excess items from our production lines, into new lines. We shall encourage our clients to send us their old kimonos for recycling and we shall reward them for doing so, against future purchases. 








Commitment to our

We strive to raise awareness of key sustainability issues.


By improving social conditions in the communities with which we work. We strive to raise awareness of key sustainability issues, by associating KLEED with our work ethos: we are proud of our partners; we pay them fair wages and there is no child labour involved in our product's manufacturing.


We partner with like-minded local artisans, designers, conservationists and businesses, to make a meaningful contribution to their economies and lives. Our KLEED pieces are handcrafted and produced by empowered artisans in India.

We care about all the people we work with we care about being fair, and we want to see all people involved in our business happy and feeling well by contributing for a better Planet (this also applies to our clients, we want them to feel good for buying good and eco friendly, this is a feeling that is growing rapidly in the fashion business and we want to contribute for that).









KLEED already impacts the lives of many families.


We need to work together to thrive in today’s highly competitive business world.


We grow our brand and our reach responsibly - one step at a time. In each collection, we invest more in sustainable products and techniques. We look for equally committed partners and suppliers, who share our beliefs and vision for the future. And we donate 5% of our profits to a recognized NGO that protects rhinos in South Africa.


KLEED’s positioning and ethos are now recognized in the fashion industry and we are regularly invited to feature in renowned department stores brand portfolio, as a contemporary conscious brand.









Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion for handcrafted luxury.


Slow Fashion is just one of the ways that makes KLEED a sustainable and conscious fashion brand. We are committed to reducing overconsumption and overproduction. In some cases, we produce to order – lovingly, carefully and respecting the centuries-old rhythms followed by our talented artisans.


As a KLEED customer, you also embrace Slow Fashion. And when that beautiful KLEED parcel arrives - after perhaps a few weeks’ wait – you will have the additional satisfaction of having played your part in keeping traditional luxury handcrafted fashion alive and well.