Jaisal Pink Kimono

  • €167.28
The Jaisal Green IKAT Kimono by KLEED is a captivating and artfully crafted piece. Deep and lush green reminiscent of the country's midlands scenery, creating a rich and vibrant look in a flattering vertical pattern that adds a dash of artistry and visual interest to the kimono.
With extravagant pink flower bursts of embroidery around the neck and on the sleeves, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

- 100% cotton
- 100% silk embroidery
- Relaxed fit
- Length finishes at calf
- ¾ length sleeves
- Wide detachable tie belt (0.90m x 2.20m)
- Unlined
- Hand wash in cold water or dry clean

Sizing and measurements:

Length: 132cm | Sleeve length: 33cm
Underarm: 59cm | Bust: 59cm

Length: 142cm | Sleeve length: 44cm
Underarm: 60cm | Bust: 60cm

Please note that our pieces are a celebration of individuality, and as such, color and pattern may slightly vary, making each KLEED item unique.

The Jaisal Green IKAT Kimono combines rich color, artistic patterns, and elegant embroidery, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures a high-quality and unique garment that reflects a blend of tradition and modern style.