Maroon Bikaner Dress

  • €160.00
The Maroon Bikaner Maxi-Length Dress in vintage single IKAT fabric by KLEED is a versatile and stylish choice for spring and summer. Vintage single IKAT fabric in maroon against a light grey background with peachy accents. Tapered fit with an elegant Mandarin collar and gently flaring, four-tier flounces for a flattering and feminine look.

Closure: Drawstring ties at the waist for an adjustable and comfortable fit.
Sleeves: Short sleeves for a balanced and versatile style.
Length: Maxi-length finishes at the calf, providing a chic and comfortable appearance.
Material: 100% handloomed cotton for a lightweight and breathable feel.
Unlined: Suitable for warm weather during spring and summer.
Care: Hand wash in cold water or dry clean for garment maintenance.

Sizing and Measurements:


Length: 1.40m | Sleeve length: 26.5cm
Wrist: 10cm | Waist: 46cm | Back shoulders: 33cm
Bust: 46cm | Neck diameter: 11cm


Length: 1.45m | Sleeve length: 28cm
Wrist: 11cm | Waist: 53.5cm | Back shoulders: 40cm
Bust: 51.5cm | Neck diameter: 12cm

Note: IKAT is an authentic tied and dyed, hand-loomed fabric. Color and pattern may vary slightly from the images shown, making each KLEED item absolutely unique.